Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter / Receiver, 2 in 1 Wireless 3.5mm Adapter CSR Receiver For TV Headphones PC Home Sound System speaker

4.0 bluetooth, bluetooth receiver adaptor

Hifi Wifi Amplifier

Have remote control shutter function. Car bluetooth audio adapter. Special feature: Bluetooth portable speaker. Speaker 3.5mm mic. Joytune. For laptops bluetooth speaker. About 3-4hours. 2a 5v power adapter. Car speaker compatiable for samsung for iphone for xiaomi. 5.2*1.9*0.8cm/2.04*0.75*0.31in. Feature: 

Wireless Vga Screen

Airmirror: Aliter. Frequency(ghz): Mini body, more smaller and lighter. Supply arduino. B7-plus. Bluetooth transmitter for headphone. Plus only. Wi-fi music: Car use bluetooth aux receiver. Transfer rate: Audio bluetooth adapter. 

Mmcx Connector Male

6dbi*2. E07-868ms10. Suit : Orico br01-bk. Repeater ir. Usb c  adapter. Wholesale waterproof fabrical. Max 4 camera. Bluetooth wireless adapter. Bluetooth receiver operating time: Kya000145. Balck & white. Charging port: Wi-fi transmission speed: Quantity: Music receiver audio adapter. Compliant with hdmi1.4,hdcp2.0. Wifi,bluetooth. Output: 0.75mm jack for: 

Vehicle Fm Transmitter

Projector,dvd player,multimedia,television,tv box,monitor,computer. Transmisor fm bluetooth. Double antenn: H-166. Amplifiers. Wholesale wireless guitar. Xingzhaotong. Home stereo wireless receiver. Hdmi wireless extender 60m 196ft. Micro usb bluetooth adapter: 2.4g frequency receiver. Feature3: Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Type4: Transmitter receiver bluetooth. 300mbps usb wifi adapter. 

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  1. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  2. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  3. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  4. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR

  5. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR

  6. Daaaaaamn. Love this submission. Keep them coming. Love hearing the stories behind some of these beauties.

    This is my Dad’s ‘65 fastback 2+2. Took him about 2 years to restore. It’s technically a restomod, but the 302 he put in it makes it such a kickass car.

  7. mustanglegendarymachine:

    Shelby GT350 1965 with optional “Le Mans” stripes.

  8. Got a nice little submission.

  9. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Ford Mustang

  10. Pure beauty.

    Speaking of beauty..
    My friend has an EP out. And. It. Is. Brilliant.
    Check It Out!
    He’s also currently starring in Kinky Boots Aus. Such a talented dude.

  11. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1967 Ford Mustang

  12. (Source: retropicool)

  13. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1966 Shelby GT350 

  14. Found this on the internet. Too cool not to share!