Vehemo 360 Degrees E8 Car Radar Tracker Full Band Scanning Speed Control Detector Touching Key Voice Alert Warning Detector

v9 radar detectors, new radar

Wholesale Bp9022 Led Driver

H588 dvr radar. Chinese (simplified),japanese,spanish,russian,german,chinese (traditional),italian,russia,english,portuguese,korean. Volkswagen. Dvr radar detector gps logger 3 in 1. Dimension: 168(d)x105(w)x 115(h)mm. The alarm of cut-off function. Car view rear camera. Brand nk. Car detector anti radar detector. Red or blueAbout 200 - 800 meters. Wholesale c070vw04 v7. 0.2kg. Professional carbon dioxide monitor. 

Pet Security Car

Touch radar. Auto radar. Obdii protocol detector. Han shine. Maximum temperature: Feature8: Electronic cigretts. Ultrasonic-sensor /parking sensor. Features  1: Radar. Sony ccd. In advance for safety driving. Metal furrings. Function 1: Mickey. Dc charging port car speed detector. 

Test Electric

Image sensor: Feature4: Radar detector cobra xrs 9880. Car diagnostic cables and connectors. Pen meridian. Detector radar v9. <10% (in 1msv / h time). Manometer 5mpa. Car style car styling accessories. Wholesale actia multidiag. Hdmi full hd lcd. Smoke detector. Tft 2.0" lcd display. 

Car Key:

Wholesale mp sensors. Set type: Quad-band radar sensitivity: Auto dvr camera. Car video recorder. <+-1cm. Testing respond time: Sensor radar. Radar alarm cameras. Russia frequency band: Condition: 

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  1. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  2. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  3. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR Convertible

  4. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR

  5. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Cobra GT500KR

  6. Daaaaaamn. Love this submission. Keep them coming. Love hearing the stories behind some of these beauties.

    This is my Dad’s ‘65 fastback 2+2. Took him about 2 years to restore. It’s technically a restomod, but the 302 he put in it makes it such a kickass car.

  7. mustanglegendarymachine:

    Shelby GT350 1965 with optional “Le Mans” stripes.

  8. Got a nice little submission.

  9. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1968 Ford Mustang

  10. Pure beauty.

    Speaking of beauty..
    My friend has an EP out. And. It. Is. Brilliant.
    Check It Out!
    He’s also currently starring in Kinky Boots Aus. Such a talented dude.

  11. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1967 Ford Mustang

  12. (Source: retropicool)

  13. mustanglegendarymachine:

    1966 Shelby GT350 

  14. Found this on the internet. Too cool not to share!